Prof. Wayne A. Anderson
Prof. Wayne A. Anderson established the initial clean room more than 15 yeas ago. Recently, the room was expanded by about 800 sq.ft, and much more equipment added. the room upgrades were made possible by Profs. Bird, Mitin, Verevkin, Yoon, and Oh.

Wayne Anderson has a wide range of interests in electronic materials and devices. Early work dealt with solid-state microwave devices, Schottky and metal-insulator-semiconductor solar cells, deposition of thin-film silicon, amorphous silicon solar cells, radiation effects in semiconductors, and organic semiconductors. More recent work has included low-cost P/N junction solar cells, heterojunction solar cells, conductive-transparent oxides, high barrier height Schottky diodes and Si:Ge applications. Current work includes Schottky devices on InP, InGaAs or ZnSSe, field effect transistors, thin-film Si for solar cells, applications of thin-film Si, thin-film capacitors, thin-film resistors, superconductors and flat panel displays. Deposition, analysis and application of ZnO of is the most recent study.

>>Recent Projects

Thin Film resistors for specialty applications

  • High dielectric thin film capacitors
  • Nanowires
  • Solar cell fabrication, analysis and environmental studies
  • Thin film transistors for flat panel displays
  • Ohmic and rectifying contacts to Si, GaAs, ZnSe and like semiconductors
  • Photodetectors using III-V and II-VI semicondictors
  • M-S-M photodetector
  • Thin film amorphous/polycrystalline silicon for solar cells & flat panel



>>Anderson Group (EE)


From left: Peter Mersich, Prof.Anderson, Mike Dinezza, Tingfang Yen, Shubhranshu Verma, Andrew Galetta

>>Research Project

  • ZnO Thin Films for Photonic Application
  • ZnO Thin Film Transistors
  • Metal Induced Growth of NiSi and Si Nanowires
  • Metal Induced Growth of Microcrystalline Si ThimFilms
  • Microwave Plasma Deposition of Thin Film Silicon for TFT and PV use
>>Yoon Group (EE)


Yong-Kyu Yoon

MEMS, RF engineering, nanotechnology


Taesoon Yun

MEMS array antenna


Jungkwun Kim

3-D Microfabrication using UV lithography (current user)


Hongsub Jee

Gold nano particle for bio medical applications


David senior

RF components using metamaterial


Vincent Foo

Integrated rectenna for energy harvest


sungyong cha

Integrated reflector antenna


Pit Fee Jao

Microfluidic mixer for gradient flow (current user)



>>Bird Group (EE)

>>Cartwright Group (EE)

>>Garvey Group (CHEM)

>>Hua Group (MAE)

>>Luo Group (PHYSICS)

>>Markelz Group (PHYSICS)

>>McCombe Group (PHYSICS)

>>Mitin Group (EE)

>>Oh Group (EE)

>>Prasad Group (CHEM)

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