UE151 - FALL 2000 - 3 Credit Hours.
Tue. Th., 12:30 - 1:50 PM
Location: 111 Talbert Hall

Course Goals:

Instructor: Prof. Alexander Cartwright
E-Mail: anc@buffalo.edu
Office Hours: Th: 1:50 - 3:20 PM or by appointment.
Text: There is no textbook for this course. Various links to other websites will be provided for outside information.

Prerequisites: University at Buffalo Honors student.

Course Descriptions: This course will use collaborative hands-on learning techniques.  Students will be required to work in groups of three and submit a number of group projects.  These projects will require written and verbal reports to class members.  Remember, this is a collaborative learning environment and we are all here to help each other learn this material as well as possible.


Course Outline:


Homework 15 %
Laboratories/Projects 15 %
Presentation/Paper/Web Based Presentation 15 %
Group Design Projects 25 % (15% Group / 10% Individual)
Quizzes - in class 20 %

Class Discussion/Participation/

10 %


A single presentation is required for this course.


Some of these homework assignments will be conducted as group homework projects.  However, each student will hand in their own written solutions.

Homework #1

1. Read "Learning and Teaching Styles in Engineering Education", by Richard M. Felder,

Submit your learning style by email.

2. Consider the consumer electronic product that you have been given. Decompose the unit into "parts" that you think are appropriate.


Homework #2

Due: 10/3/00

Consider the following communications systems:
(a) AM Radio (b) FM Radio (c) Fiber Optic Communications (d) Cell Phones (e) Garage Door Openers

(i) What are the maximum and minimum frequencies of the radiation for each?
(ii) What are the maximum and minimum wavelengths of the radiation for each?
(iii) How are they detected (discuss the antenna - size, direction, etc.)

Homework #3

Paper/Presentation/Web Report #1

Homework #3



Homework #4    
Homework #5    
Homework #6    
Homework #7    

Laboratory Experiments

There will include a few experiments conducted. Labs will be expected to last about 30 minutes to 1 hour and sign-up sheets will be posted. These labs will be conducted as a group (about 3 students).

Laboratory #1  
Laboratory #2  
Laboratory #3  
Laboratory #4  
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