EE566 Optical Communications

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Department of Electrical Engineering

EE566 - FALL 1999 - 3Credit Hours
MWF, 12:00-12:50 PM
Location: 257 Capen Hall
Topic   Prof.  Reading Assignment Lectures Notes
Review of electromagnetic theory and propagation of light ANC     Optics
Optics Examples
Ray Tracing 1
Ray Tracing 2
Maxwells Equations
Wave Equation
Laser Principles ANC    

Light and Matter
Laser Oscillation

Gaussian Beams

Nonlinear Optics



Nonlinear #1
Nonlinear #2
Nonlinear #3


Some of these homework assignments will be conducted as group homework projects.  However, each student will hand in their own written solutions.

Homework #1  
Homework #2  
Homework #3  
Homework #4  
Homework #5  
Homework #6  
Homework #7  

Laboratory Experiments

There will include a few laser experiments conducted in 119 Bonner Hall. Labs will be expected to last about 2-3 hours and sign-up sheets will be posted. These labs will be conducted as a group (about 3 students).

Laboratory #1  
Laboratory #2  
Laboratory #3  
Laboratory #4  

EE566 - Optical Communications Fall 1999