Micro-Electronic Fabrication Lab (MEFL) is located in 208 and 212 Bonner Hall. The clean room facility (CRF) is an integral part of the MEFL. The CRF consists of a 300 sq. ft. class 100 room, with an adjacent 900 sq.ft. class 1000 room with humidity and temperature control.The class 100 room contains a chemical process station, tube furnace capable of 1200˚C , two ovens, a muffle furnace capable of 800˚C , a thermal evaporator with diffusion pump capable of 0.1 micro-Torr, an e-beam evaporator with a turbomolecular pump having vacuum capability of .01 micro-Torr, two mask aligners capable of 2 microns resolution, reactive ion etch for dry patterning, and photoresist system for photoresist deposition. An 18 Mohm deionized water system provides high quality water required in semiconductor processing.

The class 1000 room was recently constructed to expand our clean facility. It now contains a plasma-assisted chemical deposition system, three-zone tube furnace capable of 1200C ˚, four point probe system to test resistivity of wafers, ellipsometer, ozone cleaning system, rapid thermal anneal, e-beam evaporator, 3 target sputter system, reactive ion etch system and microwave plasma deposition system. More equipment will be added in the near future.

An adjacent room contains a steel-jar evaporator with capability for e-beam and R.F. magnetron sputtering, another system for D.C. magnetron sputtering, and a three targets sputter system.

Measurement facilities include optical microscopes, a sub-micron probe station, current-voltage-temperature, capacitance-voltage-temperature, deep level transient spectroscopy, quasi-static C-V, cryogenic systems, and a variety of meters for measuring resistance, current, capacitance and voltage.

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